If you've searched online for starting a business or every time you pass a newsstand the "be your own boss" publications catch your eye, then you know the current business world is all about the "Top 40 Under 40", "Top 30 Under 30", Top 20 Under 20", "Starting A Business From Your Dorm Room".

The vast majority of resources for starting your own business are tailored towards young entrepreneurs. Over a quarter of all start-ups, however, are founded by people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, who are hugely underserved when it comes to support, guidance and entrepreneurial content. 


At Maturepreneur, we aspire to change that. Having met hundreds of you who asked the question...


‘I’m over 50 and want to start a business – is it too late?’


Not at all!


Maturepreneur Today is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be who are over 50. We make up 25% of all new business start-ups with a much higher success rate then younger entrepreneurs. But we are the most overlooked when it comes to relevant entrepreneurial content.


Join the Maturepreneur movement and let's get this started - because now is the time!

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